Residential Projects

Did you ever think investing could be fun and shared with your friends and family every day?
Landscaping has the potential to be a valuable investment for your home. The Wall Street Journal states that ‘Landscape investments are recovered fully, and sometimes doubled, via increasing real estate values’. What other investment can you see mature while you BBQ, watch your kids play, and entertain your friends?
Your landscaping is not a purchase, it is an investment. We understand this and assure that by choosing Landform your investment will grow.

Investments are grown through the Landform advantage:

• We take pride in our construction from start to finish.
• Our Our design-build process demonstrates our interest throughout all phases of your project.
• Our attention to grading will ensure your house is never susceptible to flooding from rain, snowmelt, or downspouts.
• Landform construction techniques follow or exceed industry benchmarks.

• We provide a detailed binder thoroughly explaining our design and construction processes.
• Your estimate includes a detailed breakdown of each project element.
• A client approved change order is required before any additional work to the contract begins.
• The invoice will accurately reflect the original estimate with no hidden or additional costs to the original scope of work.
• Communication is maintained with you throughout the consultation stage until after construction is completed and you are satisfied
• We provide you details on the construction processes.

Our Crew
• Landform staff are certified industry professionals.
• The crew that starts your project completes your project.
• Our crews are polite and courteous towards you, your family and your neighbours.
• Our crews adhere to a no smoking on-site policy.
• At the end of each Day Our Crews Clean the Site.
• All materials are organized and brought on site when required to minimize clutter in your yard and on your street.

The Landform Guarantee
Our construction techniques follow the best practises for construction, legislated codes, and we pay attention to what we do.

We guarantee our work:
• Plants will survive the first winter and spring,
• Hardscaping materials are warrantied for 3 years
• Hardscape base compaction is guaranteed for 5 years.

• Started in 2003, Landform is well established in the industry with repeat contracts from a number of Condo builders, high-end residential builders, and industrial builders.
• Our core staff have a combined 60+ years of landscaping experience.
• Recognized by the City of Calgary as a prequalified contractor. This means we meet the high standards required by the City of Calgary in relation to safety, environmental policies, previous experience and equipment capabilities.
• Certified safety program with the Alberta Construction Safety Association and Worker Compensation Board.